Hello, I'm Samuel.

After playing around with a lot of programming languages, I have come to realise that I like multi-paradigm programming languages like Common Lisp and Raku; languages you'd want to have with you on a desert island fantasy. Write Clojure for work. As far a OSes go, I'm on FreeBSD now. Was on Arch Linux for a long time before that.

I am interested in marine life, especially fish and cephalopods.

Currently, I am learning to play the tenor saxophone and bass guitar.

Some of my personal projects can be found here.

I can be reached at various times on #codesurfers or by an email to samebchase at gmail dot com anytime. I'm in the process of winding down my Twitter account, so you'd be better off finding me on Mastodon or as @samebchase on SSB.