Hello, I'm Samuel.

After playing around with a lot of programming languages, I have come to realise that I like unopinionated multi-paradigm programming languages like Common Lisp and Raku. I have written a lot of Clojure and a decent bit of Go for work. As far a OSes go, I use an OpenBSD desktop and am comfortable in Linux as well. Someday, I hope to build a FreeBSD NAS with OpenZFS.

I like learning about marine life, especially fish and cephalopods.

Currently, I am learning to play the tenor saxophone and bass guitar.

Some of my personal projects can be found here.

I can be reached at various times on #codesurfers or by an email to samebchase at gmail dot com anytime. If you prefer microblogging, you can find me on Mastodon.

Resume: txt, pdf.